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Ledebouria pauciflora. Family: Asparagaceae. Common Name: Silver Squill. Plant ID or Location: 512. Ledebouria pauciflora. Origin/Native Range: South Africa. Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology 2200 Osborne Dr Ames IA 50011-4009 kgmccabe@iastate.edu Phone 515-294-8250 Fax 515-294-1337.

(Liliaceae) pauciflora Baker. Related Plants. There are no related plants for Ledebouria pauciflora. Origin/Native Range: South Africa. Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology 2200 Osborne Dr Ames IA 50011-4009 kgmccabe@iastate.edu Aug 7, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Roberta Walker. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Saved from cactus-art.biz. Ledebouria pauciflora (Syn: Scilla pauciflora) Saved by Ledebouria socialis Leopard, Violet or Silver Squill.

Ledebouria pauciflora

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violacea (or ‘Violacea’) are more of a purplish color. Ledebouria socialis var. paucifolia on 10-13-19, #520-3. Ledebouria socialis var. violacea on 10-13-19, #520-7.

Family: Asparagaceae. Common Name: Silver Squill.

Домашній довідник захворювань | Diagnoz.in.ua · Ledebouria pauciflora (Syn: Scilla pauciflora) · Ledebouria socialis · Live Plant Scilla violacea Succulent - 

Ledebouria pauciflora. Species. Scientific Name: Ledebouria Roth. (Liliaceae) pauciflora Baker.

Ledebouria pauciflora

Notes: Scilla pauciflora is a horticultural name for a plant that is likely a Ledebouria socilais. The name has not been published, but this plant is often available on the trade. Cultivation and Propagation: It is a Lovely undemanding houseplant; always a favorite carefree windowsill citizen; excellent addition to …

Ledebouria pauciflora

It has flat glossy ovate leaves, often faintly speckled or with purple spots. Flowers are nodding, pink to purplish green with recurved tepals and are longer than the leaves. Ledebouria pauciflora grows large luxuriant leaves covered on panther like dark green spots. In late summer a tall flower spike will emerge and produce small green white flowers. Over time this squill will multiply into an attractive cluster of bulbs and leaves. What You Will Receive Plant grown in a 3.5" container Ledebouria pauciflora Squill.

Ledebouria pauciflora

Ledebouria socialis var.
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From the bulb sprout thin, lanceolate leaves patterned with green and silver blotches. It can tolerate low light and makes an easy, low maintenance houseplant.

Pots n PlantsFlora · Ledebouria pauciflora Krukväxter, Kaktusar Och Suckulenter, Kaktus Växter, Naturligt,  Beautiful yellow-purple flowers of ledebouria socialis -silver squill or wood hyacinth - on · A close up of a Ledebouria Pauciflora aka Green Quill specimen in a  Ledebouria socialis, Syskonstjärna, 1995-11-24. 2001:037, Asparagaceae, Ledebouria pauciflora, 2001-07-01. 20xx:049, Asparagaceae, Ledebouria socialis  1995:055, Asparagaceae, Ledebouria socialis, Syskonstjärna, 1995-11-24.
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Common names include Silver Squill, Violet Squill, Leopard Lily, South African Scillia, Bluebell, and Wood Hyacinth. Ledebouria socialis (var. paucifolia) leaves on 10-11-19, #639-52. The leaves of this one are silvery green with darker green spots.

Scilla pauciflora Link ex Schult.f.